Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jobs bill hypocricy /

You have to love the President-He runs ALL over the country yelling that he wants his "jobs bill" passed and back on his desk, and it is the Republicans who are blocking it.
Yoday Sen. Mitch McConnell took up the challenge and offered to bring the bill up for a vote.
Guess what-Sen Reid blocked it on a procedural matter,and in essence did not allow the vote-WHY?-NO DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT!
The problem is,that if the Pres. keeps yelling about the Rep. inaction, some people might actually believe him.

I assume in another 1-2 hours we will have the results from the W. Virginia special election.A Republican win will be another hit against Obama, who is very unpopular in this Democratic State.

Hillary Clinton attacked the US Supreme Court case that may force our country to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.I remember when she was a Senator, she spoke differently.She is as two-faced as they come.