Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Wall Street Demonstrations

Watching the Wall Street demonstrators as they block traffic, make noise raises some interesting questions.
The liberal press is trying to paint them as "tea party" activists on the left.
To me,they seem like a bunch of hippies,at an anti-war demonstration.They are loud,and annoying people at work(banging drums).They hold up bridge traffic, in violation of the law.They are poorly dressed except if you are in a revolutionary mode.The Tea -party came to political events,they confronted elected officials.They organized to run candidates for national office.They did not confront police.
When they went to Washington, they avoided inflammatory posters,and they cleaned up after themselves.
While it is not clear 100% what they are protesting,the economic crisis is hurting everyone.
If they are angry at the new $5 fee for debit cards,then firstly get rid of your debit card.Secondly go picket Sen Durbin or Barney Frank.
If they are angry at corporations,what are their solutions-? socialism-communism-anarchy?The European socialistic welfare state models have not been doing too well lately.
The wonderful thing about America is the potential for each citizen to get ahead, and become even wealthy.This is not the first economic downturn in America.Yet, despite people suffering at that moment of stress,when the economy turned around the country and individuals prospered.
The mortgage crisis and unemployment should be protested right at the door of the Democratic leadership who through Freddie and Fannie forced banks to give mortgages to unworthy applicants.
High taxes,massive regulations, mega-debt, political stalemate are all causes that should bring these people to Washington not the Brookly Bridge.
Class warfare sounds like a good slogan, but higher taxes will not create more jobs-it is only a mechanism for WEALTH REDISTISTRABUTION-AN OBAMA GOAL.