Monday, October 10, 2011

Intern Strike

In 1962 I was an intern in Beth-El Hospital in Brooklyn (now Brookdale).We were paid $1800 a year.We were allowed to bring our spouses to dinner(it was a kosher hospital)Sometime in the middle of the year we threatened to go on strike (perhaps we were out for a few hours).Our hours were terrible, especially on the surgery or emergency room rotation.
The hospital quickly gave in and our salary went to $4500,although they restricted the meals of spouses to 2 or 3 times per week.
I do not know enough about the conditions in Israeli hospitals to comment intelligently.

The NY Post as described in the Drudge Report shows clearly the atmosphere within the Wall Street mob.No doubt that the Socialist,communists, the Soros -like crowd are calling the shots.
The left thinks they are making progress,however as in Wisconsin when all the drums stopped beating the unions and the left could not win.

Fred Barnes has a column on the negative side effects of the multiple debates.Tomorrow will be a major test for Perry-if he cannot master the questions with style and clarity,I believe he will not be able to succeed.