Thursday, October 06, 2011


The attempt by the liberal -left to portray the demonstrations on Wall Street as the beginning of the "LEFT TEA PARTY" is really not a serious description.
Firstly-the Move-On.Org group is already affiliated with the Democratic Party. They have no place to go but stick with Obama and Pelosi.
Secondly -the infusion of the labor unions and allegedly Soros et al, simply says this is a way to embarress the Republican Party.
Thirdly-this group appears to be a copycat of the anti-war groups,and their ideas are more in the socialistic mode.
They have become confrontational and causing havoc in the streets.They want to change our way of govt.They could become more organized and help the Dems in Congressional races.however 2010 proved the left is in a free fall.
The American people have not aligned themselves with way out left groups in the past except in some very left leaning areas.
The battle will resemble Europe, and the generation expecting entitlments in every aspect of life.Today we found out that 50% of Americans are on the US dole-just as 50% pay no taxes.
This group will keep the press covering them as they become perhaps more violent.In the end they will dsappear back to their little minority niche,as the country turns against Obama and his economic policies.