Monday, October 03, 2011

Shabbat in London / Chriustie

It is very interesting that an area in London right outside a large synagogue has announced that they have created a hands -free traffic light for shabbat.The synagogue abuts a very busy and dangerous traffic crossing.Until now,if you dsired to have the traffic stop,you pressed a button that controlled the red-green light.Now,for the shabbat it will be on automatic,avoiding the dangers of a busy crossing, and of desecrating the shabbat.

The Christie phenomonon will come to a head on Thurs.Yes he may never get such an opportunity again.Yes he is not a perfect conservative, especially on social issues.I myself am not a gun advocate.
Howevever, in the real world,perfection may not be possible.We know he is tough.We also have seen him balance a budget,go head-to-head with unions,and be successful in dealing with Dems in Trenton.
Romney has no personality,too much a liberal on taxes,and his health bill is classical Obamacare.Can he master foreign policy and other economic issue quickly?
Perry I have to say may not have the intellect to stand up to Obama in debates.Too much of a cowboy.Bachmann ,Huntsman and Paul should call it a day.Newt, Cain are still longshots as is Palin-however I hope she does not decide to run. You cannot lose a Senate race by 17 points and then run for Pres.