Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Just a few thoughts on the Republican race so far.
Herman Cain is a nice man,who should save us the embarressment of his phumphing on foreign policy.999 is not an answer to the ills of the world,Nor is saying you will rely on your advisors.He never thought he would get this far,and he should get out while he is ahead.-UNLIKELY ,since he is still ahead of Huntsman etc.

Mitt Romney,is looking better after each debate.His strong statement on Israel tonite was reassuring.The question is can you believe him?His record is not stellar from the conservative point of view.

Newt, is a master of policy and history.He shines against all the other candidates.He would wipe the floor against Obama in debates.
Will his baggage weigh him down?
The ultimate question is who can beat Obama? That is goal number 1.
I hope as the campaign develops, Newt starts running away with it,SO ALL REPUBLICANS CAN COALESCE BEHIND HIS CANDIDACY.