Thursday, September 13, 2012


We attended a funeral today in Lakewood N.J..It was quite well attended,as the  deceased lived in a 1300 family senior citizen community.
Right before our eyes, you could see the loss of an entire generation of JEWS,PRIMARILY BORN IN AMERICA,BUT DEVOID OF JEWISH CON TENT IN THEIR LIVES.
When they pass on, their children who had no contact with grandparents who conducted a seder, or said Kaddish will be slowly lost to our people.
In 20-40 years, the American Jewish Community will be in 3 parts
Intermarried-Reform and remnants of Conservative
modern Orthodox
Charedi-Aguda and chassidic

As i sat listening to a boiler plate Rabbi give a eulogy, I wondered what could have been if in 1850-1946 immigrants had not thrown their yiddishkeit overboard as they came to Ellis Island.Thin k of how different things would be today. 

The attacks by the Left wing press on Romney stating the obvious,regarding The Cairo Embassy apology,should teach Mitt a lesson.
Like Gingrich in the debates, he has to hit back at the press he has to hit back when they gang up on him.