Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i think that we should reward the Egyptian govt with more than the billion dollars Obama promised.
gave a new home to Hamas
refused to stop an Iranian ship with weapons
attended the Iranian conference despite being asked by the US  not to go
attacked our Embassy-tore our flag down
appointed Moslem Brotherhood leaders to key positions
emasculated pro-western military leadership
Great friends---NO ?
I looked at the few minutes available on the Internet of the film  the Muslims are complaining about "Innocent Muslims"- not a great movie-but our Govt must protect freedom of speech.
We had our Nazis march in Skokie years ago, Black Power advocates,anti Catholic anti-Jewish publications.
We do not go into the street and riot and kill.We do not apologize to foreign govts about that freedom.
If these clown would have kept quiet-no one would know about the movie.
The WH  attack on 2016 and its huge crowds, mean s that it under their skin.

Another example of distorted liberalism-MSNBC morning moderator asks"who is more dangerous,Netanyahu or the Supreme Leader?