Thursday, September 20, 2012

the video

When I was a kid, the teacher wanting to make fun of someone with a ridiculous excuse for not doing homework,would say"I don't believe that the dog ate the homework".
The President is still talking the nonsense that some film no one ever saw was responsible for not only the Benhhazi attacks, but anti-American rioting in 20 countries.The President and his team do NOT believe there is such a thing as Islamic or Jihadist terrorism.
To wit the Fort Hood killer was never identified as a Muslim terrorist despite the yelling of "Allah Akbahr" and the facts on the ground.
Four years ago I wrote that Obama would be another Carter.In fact Carter only lost Iran,our President is on the road to losing every Muslim country.He and his team totally misunderstood the Arab Spring-as did Tom Friedman the NYT and the liberal press
The lack of security on 9/11, the failure to heed warnings, the giving of over a billion to Egypt, the invitation to the Moslem Brotherhood to the WH and so on merely point to a breakdown of any reasonable ME policy

Just a word on the polls-They are all over the place- and its too early to give up-everytime you get a little upset a new poll--ie--todays Gallup- 47-47-brings the news--"-IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL THE FAT MAN SINGS"