Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Although the polls appear to be turning against Romney, it is too early to throw in the towel-especially with the debates coming up=more uncertainty in the ME and any decision by Israel.

Looking back, he knew that he would be under pressure to release his tax returns for 10 years.
Why not release them a year ago,and get that off the table?
He knew Bain Capital    would be an issue, why not have a specific list of companies saved and jobs created vs had they not intervened?
He knew bank accounts in off-shore and foreign countries have a negative connotation,why not have a list released with explanations a year ago.
He knew Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran etc were foreign policy issues why did he not have a detailed program?Why for 1 year didn't he visit a dozen countries,including those 2 ?

Today's WSJ editorial places the 47% remarks in proper context-he should not back down and drive the point home!

Today is the Fast Day of Gedaliah Ben Achikam,a righteous Governor  who after the destruction of the first Temple was assassinated.
Usually I fast well ,but people usually feel a little less energetic.
I write this as an intro to the story of Mighty Atom.
When I was a kid my father of blessed memory, used to tell  stories about 2 characters.One was fictional-Muttele a Jewish superman.The other was Mighty Atom, who lived on our block on Park Place in Brooklyn.He could pull a plane ot train with his hair.His children were part of his vaudeville team.
When I had my own children and grandchildren I told them embellished stories about the two.At a certain age-they turned to me and said -"OK ,its all made up" despite my protestations.
A number of years ago, at a wedding, I met someone from Washington,and while schmoozing , found out he had been brought up on Park Place.
During the ceremony this gentlemen, sitting 2 rows in front me, turned to me.I was sitting with my youngest son Elli, a lawyer.The Gentleman blurted out-"IF YOU WERE ON PARK PLACE, YOU MUST HAVE KNOWN MIGHTY ATOM?"
Now the NYT reports that 91 year old Mike Greenstein,is the son of Mighty Atom,He is called Mighty Atom Jr, and he holds the world record for lifting weights with his teeth-586 pounds.
A  great example to instill you with a desire not to slow down.Also be careful about discounting the old wives tales your elders teach to the grandkids.