Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romney and the campaign

It has become clear-the race is close.The national polls are even, however the pivotal key states Va, Fl , Wisconsin etc are in the Obama column right now,

However it is still winnable for Romney, if he

a) wins the debate-especially the first one
b)start becoming more specific in his program-ie.-how will he help small business ?
   what tax loopholes will he tackle ?
   which regulations will he immediately move to delete?
   define clearly his difference with Obama on China, N. Korea, Russia and Iran as well as   his          relationship to Israel

I believe the 30 second commercial are not enough time to explain his platform,and perhaps a series of 15 or 30 minute addresses to the country on the economy, other domestic issues(ie the pipeline-energy) and foreign policy would be a better approach