Monday, July 30, 2007

Saudi Arms II

The Middle East in now in the beginning-middle of an arms sales frenzy.The continued influx of Iranian arms to Hizbollah/Hamas,Russian sales to Syria,now the Russian sale of 250 long range Sukhoi fighter bombers together with 20 fuel tankers to Iran,and the U.S. package to the Saudis,Egyptians,Israel and other Gulf countries are what we see on the surface.
In regard to Israel,remember each year Congress will have to approve the sale.Superiority in arms,only means you will win.However the enemies firepower will cause more death and destruction before you are victorious.
Both Egypt and the Saudi regime could fall,not to an outside enemy, but to fundamentalists.They need not satellite guided bombs, but jobs,democracy,freedom for their women,religious freedom and an end to the support for the Mullahs.
After our last arms sale to the Saudis, they violated their pledge not to station the planes in Tabruk ,near the Israeli border(minutes in flying time).
Now again Fatah, has revised its stated principles to where they believe resistance
to the Israelis is legitimate.
Olmert should wake up and smell the coffee-the Arab world is not ready for peace talks, unless Israel as a pre-condition withdraws to pre-1967 borders,accepts the "right of return" and make Jerusalem their Capitol.Yes you can talk,but it would be better to tell the President that the price for the proposed arms to Israel is too high.Emphasis should be on pressuring Iran and Russia to stop the arms race.
Peace talks , must be accompanied by solid action on the part of the Palestinians and Arab world.Israel dare not take unilateral action, which is always irreversible.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prof. Feldman / Haim Ramon / The Saudi Sale

Since there was so much discussion in my synagogue this shabbat (including Rabbi Tendler's sermon) regarding Prof.Noah Feldman, the Harvard lawyer,who married a Korean and had their picture removed from a PR piece,I thought I would add two thought to my last blog.
It turns out that in addition to being on the team that wrote the Iraqi constitution,he was the lawyer for the city of Tenafly in their unsuccessful bid to prevent the installation of an eruv.Certainly a noteworthy effort to prevent Orthodox religious practices.
My own take on him, is that here is a brilliant man,who has reached great heights in law,and the world of public policy.He is widely acclaimed,and surely his friends are telling him how brilliant his article in the NYT was.Yet, the one area he deeply desires acceptance from ,the orthodox community of his upbringing, shuns him as a traitor.Thus he strikes out at them.
I assume that his education at Maimonides,would have taught him that our traditions will not bend either to the NYT,or the Jewish Week.

It is amazing how similar Liberals are in both the US and Israel.They live in a world of fanatsy.The realities of enemies that seek to destroy our way of life can be handled by soft talk, a drive for concessions on our part. diplomacy and more talk.
Haim Ramon,Deputy PM and close friend of Olmert,proposes an immediate 70% withdrawal from Judea-Samaria.He is in effect acting o n as a shill for Olmert,as Olmert acted for Sharon.
Leaving aside whether this is the right thing to do in the long run, by what parameter does Abbas deserve to be rewarded? Has he disarmed any group? Has he reformed the PA? Has the PA renounced the right of return? Does Abbas really control Fatah? and won't these rifles etc ,eventually be used against the IDF?
Why rush to give away territory, when you have not taken care of the 10,000 Gaza reidents?
Trusting Abbas is dangerous,and he has no track record of success.
Why endanger 240,000 settlers at this (or any ) point?
The Knesset passed the first reading of a bill restricing JNF lands to Jews.Liberal Jewish groups both religious and political are screaming "Apartheid".I know that when I was a kid in the 1940's ,riding on the NY subway with a blue and white JNF box going from car to car,I never collected for an Arab settlement.These left-wingers should be ashamed of themselves.
I know full well that AIPAC and the organized pro-Israel community in the US follow the lead of Israel in most issues.
I believe that the upcoming proposed sale of 20 billion dollars in arms to the Saudis must be fought, even with the increased Israeli aid package.
The Saudis are not "moderates" a"-they have not helped us in Iraq nor in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.They are the source of funding for Islamic anti-West fundamentalism.
The fact that Olmert told the Cabinet that he understand the need for the US to support the Saudis,shows his weakness as a leader, who has no backbone,
The similarity to May 1986 is uncanny. President Reagan wanted to sell 345 million dollars of sidewinder and harpoon missiles to the Saudis.Very dangerous weapons at that juncture in time.The Israeli govt.,kept quiet,and AIPAC backed off from fighting the sale.
Led by Sen Alan Cranston (D-Calif) and a very small group of activists,of which I was a proud part of, successfully defeated the sale.In my autobiography p-133 I describe the whole battle, including being called into the White House to meet President Reagan.He asked our small group to release the Senators who had pledged to us their opposition.We refused, and the sale was dropped.
The Congress must stand up,and activists must organize!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Question for Sen. Obama, who niavely answered that as President,he would meet with anyone including the Iranian President.
If you were President in 1937-8-9,1940 would you have met with Hitler?
If no,why is it proper to meet with the Iranians/Syrians?
If yes, then how about a meeting of the "Big O's"-OSAMA-OBAMA?
A President should only meet with foreign leaders,after proper diplomatic groundwork,in order that the prestige of the Office not be humiliated by a diplomatic failure.
Hillary is right. You are out of your league.

The article in this Sundays NYT magazine section on the law professor who is upset at modern orthodoxy is almost a childish attack because he married a korean girl,and his yeshiva did not stand up and applaud.
A graduate of the Maimonides School in the Boston area,he attended an alumni get- together with his korean girl friend.Subsequently,their picture were cropped from the group.
The tragedy is not the missing pictures.Rather it is what is missing from the story.
How did his parents and family react?
Did she convert? I am sure if she had a halachic conversion,the pictures would be there.
How does he reconcile his upbringing ,with such an act? and didn't he realize the communal reaction to such a rebellious act?
If his wife did not convert,then how does he feel knowing that his children are not Jewish?
Gary Rosenblatt, the left leaning editor of the Jewish Week,in addition to placing blame on the good Professor,seeks to portay this as a crisis for modern orthodoxy and for the concept that you can be a good American and an orthodox Jew at the same time.HIS REASONING-since mixed marriages are accepted by secular society,our rejection of this concept places into question our ability to function within such a society as Torah Jews.
Nonsense! there is no crisis, but a tragic loss of a Jew.The fact that we follow our traditions and reject inter-marriage makes me no less a good American, than if I reject same sex marriage(accepted by many in secular -or even Reform/Conservative circles) even between two Jews,or a female clergy.
That is the beauty of America,and of Torah UMaddah.I follow the halacha,and the Costitution of this great country-no contradictions!
The fact that Rosenblatt himself wrote the story,(and not a staff writer),and he placed it on page one, is another example of his feelings toward MODERN ORTHODOXY,which he believes has turned too far to the right.That it has turned I agree, but this is not such an example.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stop the World- I want to get off !

If supporting Israel was akin to being a Brooklyn Dodger fan ,it would be time to stop rooting.
The frustrations and anger on a daily basis. are truly becoming harder to bear.
To wit:
The Winograd Commission,examining the Lebanese War,is now scheduled to make its report final next year.Although some parts have been released in dribs and drabs, the Commission is treating this as an academic exercise,rather than a national investigation into leadership and tactical errors.The results should lead to changes in the leadership.By postponing its report, they dilute its conclusions,and allow Olmert to strut around as a hero.In fact if he had self-respect, he should have resigned long ago.
Today,not only is Olmert in power,but Barak despite his promises to bring the government down is still supporting Olmert.
The Education Ministry has approved the addition of "The Nakba" into the arabic textbooks of Israeli Arabs.In effect, they institutionalized the concept that the creation of the State of Israel was "A Day of Tragedy" for the Middle East and local Arabs.Now when the Arab citizens of Israel demonstrate against Israel on Yom Haatzmaut,they can point to their textbooks as justification.
Israel releases terrorists of all kinds,and allows mass murderers to vist to help Abbas.Yet, not one single Israeli soldier has been released.As reported the French Ambassador in Lebanon meets daily with Hezbollah ,but the Israeli prisoners are not on the agenda.Yet the French want to have influence on the "peace process".
The settlers from the Gaza withdrawal,are still without homes,jobs or security.Their children are attracted to drugs because of the stress of the move.Yet Olmert and Peres talk only of further settlement withdrawals.
The Supreme Court ,despite IDF protestions, reordered a wall, necessary for security, to come down in Hebron.
Israel reacts with glee when Tony Blair arrives .There is no question that he will pressure the Israelis for concessions they should not make.It is not beyond the deviousness of Olmert, to encourage such public pressure,so that he can say "I had no Choice".
Daily rockets come from Gaza into not only Sderot, but the Negev,into Ashkelon and Ashdod.People live in fear for their homes,and for their children.
Hamas gets stronger each day,and military experts say that the time is coming when Israel will not be able to easily defeat Hamas.
In the meantime,the Israeli response is to bomb a few buildings-usually unoccupied.
While in the West Bank,murderers on the lam for years are given a pass,for signing a paper which can be rescinded at ant time,that they will remain terror-free.
I could go on.However today on Tisha B'Av our national day of mourning,is not a time to give up.Our history teaches us, that we must rededicate our efforts on behalf of our homeland.Yes today political midgets are in charge.Surely Fatah and Abbas will implode, and the true desires of the Arab world to destroy Israel will once again be clear to most objective observers.
This is not a baseball game,but national survival.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

paid protesters ! / youtube and the presidential race/ the Bush peace conf

Within the last few weeks Mayor Bloomburg tried to push his congestion pricing scheme on New Yorkers.Despite statistics showing that even under the plan, the improvement envisoned would be miniscule he proceeded with the political hard-ball.
Despite polls showing opposition from the four boroughs (Manhattan was closer to even),as well as the suburbs, he persisted.That certainly is his right.
What I can't understand, is who is paying for people to demonstrate in favor of increased taxation.People do not suddenly get on a bus,get colored T-shirts,and lobby in Albany for the sake of television, unless they are being paid.
As the recent stories of Sen McCains ill-fated campaign show, demonstrations cost money!


Many years ago,when I was in the 8th grade,I ran ( unsuccessfully) for President of the student body.My late uncle Dave, was a printer,and he printed up cards to give out urging my fellow students to vote for me.
If I was in the 8th grade today,I would surely consider sending a video to youtube.It is th "in" medium for self-expression for the MTV-internet generation.
Frank Luntz the noted pollster,pointed out its increasing use by Presidential campaigns.
To me it trivializes the most solemn decision we as a country have to make.Its one thing to pick a fast food restaurant or sexy auto by having co-eds rub their chests or tush against the item to be pushed. Is Obama, Hillary or Rudy a better potential President if they have prettier girls on the boob -tube?
It is almost "soft pornization " of the "selling of a President".
Incidentally, the Obama campaign counts the sale of merchandise as a "campaign contribution".My son pointed out ,that as a collector of political memorabilia,he sent $5 for an Obama sign.He hopes to place it next to the "Kerry fot President" in '04 on his wall of losers.Incidentally he also bought a fully operational Florida ballot box and booth with hanging chads. from 2000.


I have great respect for Michael Oren as an historian.His almost total suport of the Bush proposal for a "peace summit" in the fall does not convince me.The White House has sent out a copy of the WSJ op-ed to their pro-Israel e-mail list.
I have always held that the most dangerous time for Israel, is the final 1 1/2-2 years of the life of an administration.Even the most pro-Israel President,becomes frustrated with the lack of a final Israeli-Arab peace deal, and seeks a foreign policy bonanza by starting to push the envelope.
Bush has been the greatest friend Israel has had.I do not believe that Condi Rice,who will chair the event is an equeal to her boss in this regard.
I recommend two op-ed from the Jerusalem Post,one by Caroline Glick (July 17) reprinted today on RealClearPolitics.Com in which she outlines the total brreakdown of Israel's strategic thinking by releasing prisoners with blood on their hands,and by trying to bribe terrorists to hand in their weapons,following which they are given weapons as members of the Fatah militia.
The last paragraph tells it all.
"And so as he enters his 85th year,Peres is right to feel unfettered in backing the Palestinians against Israel in the name of peace.
For the Palestinians, this is a joke.For Peres this is a dream.And for the Olmert government this is national policy.
The Israeli people must remember to laugh when the bombs begin to drop".
The second article today is by former MK Tommy Lapid.He argues that there can never be peace as long as there are forces within the Arab world that will not accept Israel.
The peace with Jordan and Egypt are in effect only because of the rule of the Hashemite King and President Mubarak.Both are shaky rulers,whose relations with Israel is not supported by the overwhelming majority of the people,academics,students,writers,journalist,inelligentia ,doctors and lawyers.
His final point addresses the question of why have all these conferences,agreements and diplomatic posturing. Its important to go through the motions says Lapid,but what is involved is a "game of illusion".
Again the last line.
"The difficult reality is that there will never be true peace here,and it is important to internalize that fact so as not to set out on a path from which there is no return".

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Twenty five years ago,after returning from the Aipac Policy Conference,I realized the need for a pro-Israel Political Action Committee (PAC) in Rockland County.The issues facing the Congress in regard to the Middle East required the most pro-Israel Congress possible.
Paul Findley was in his hey-day.Even in 1982 he was called "Arafats' man in Congress".
AIWACS,jet sales to the Saudis and Jordanians ,political pressure on Israel,foreign aid were just some of the daily issues.
Thus the Hudson Valley PAC (HUVPAC) was born.For 23 years I served as President ,and saw it grow, for a while to be the largest local pro-Israel PAC in the country.
Two years ago,I decided to retire from all the Boards,organizational leadership roles,and foundations that I belonged to. Thankfully this was not due to any health concerns,but a desire to allow the next generation to occupy leadership roles.
Perhaps two years away frrom the excitement was enough!
Nevertheless, upon returning to Rockland I realized that Huvpac could benefit from a little added imput.I have therefore volunteered to serve as Membership Chairman for a limited period,.The needs are as acute as ever.
Weapons sales to the Saudis,Fatah and the Egyptians
European,Arab,US State Deptand UN pressure on Israel for suicidal concessions.
The" New Antisemitism" of the Left
Foreign Aid
These are a partial list of issues that require Congressional imput.
In 2008 ,34 Senate and 435 House seats are up for election.
In 25 years,Huvpac has contributed close to 2 million dollars to over a thousand
races,with a 90% win rate.We support Democrats and Republicans,Liberals and Conservatives,with special emphasis on candidates who come from areas with litle or no Jewish population.
We have been sued unsuccessfully, by pro-Arabists in an attempt to destroy our effectiveness.
I urge you to contribute to Huvpac, and join at the highest level possible.Federal law allows you to contribute up to $5000 per individual.
You can go to -WWW.HUVPAC.ORG for details of the various categories that will allow you to have your name on our stationary etc.
You can mail your membership check to:

Jewish Community Campus
900 Route 45
Pomona NY 10956

Jewish co

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was in the gym this morning when the President began his press conference.He is of course in a difficult political position.Nevertheless I personally am prepared to support him and await the Sept. report from General Patreus.
What irked me beyond words, is the hate-pure hate, of so many people who were watching their Tv's as the President came on.It was not a question of disagreement,but of anger that this man elected in a free election,could possibly be our Commander-in-Chief.When I see the reaction of these individuals,I immediately tell them that there is only one greater American hero than Bush.When I answer their question by naming Dick Cheney, they go go wild.All the time I am smiling internally at how easy it is to rile up these liberals.One other point,is the hatred they have for Fox -Tv.Even though ,every network carried the President,these people did not want to be contaminated by watching it on Fox.
I was thinking about going to see the film on slain WSJ reporter Pearl,until I found out that the word "Islamic terrorist" is absent from the movie for political correctness reasons.In addition,the star Angeline Joline,allegedly refused to allow Fox to be invited to the premier event.
It is amazing,how liberals,who should be advocating free speech,and active debate on issues,cannot tolerate criticism or opposing points of view.
We await Hillary's appearance on Meet thr Press!

What I do not hear from Democrats,including the Obama foreign policy article in this months Foreign Policy Magazine,is how they would handle the post-withdrawal problems regarding Iraq(sunni,shiite and kurds),Turkey ,Iran and the threats of the Saudis to enter the fray if Iran supports the shiites with military power.
Under what circumstance if ever would they recommit American troops who are taken off the front lines? If never,what is their purpose? In korea, our troops are ready if needed against the North.What is their Iraqi game-plan beyond a lot of regional conferences and talking? What are Americas red lines or strategic interests in the Gulg, which if crossed would require a response?

Monday, July 09, 2007


Two or three times a year,I cancel my subscription to the NY Times.Not because it is liberal,.but because its anti-Israel bias, and its one-sidedness in attacking Bush and Conservatives, is so palpable that it offends my sense of fairness.
Israel should never be above criticism.I have written repeatedly about what I consider to be the lack of leadership and morality in the knesset/administration in Jerusalem.
Similarly the Bush Presidency has faltered,and not lived up to its promise or potential.It threw away much needed political IOU's on immigration,and privitization of Social Security.At the same time, tax reform,enforcement of existing immigration laws fell by the wayside.Even the commutation of Libby,failed to make me happy,because for the same political cost,he should have pardoned him.Of course the War on Terror,has so far prevented another attack on our homeland.His Supreme Court nominations were right on the mark.
Thus having opinions that do not jive with mine, would not get me angry.
It is however,their use of their news columns,and especially the page one pictures they choose, that emphasizes their bias,and irritates me.
This weekend we saw a huge color picture of a mosque in Lebanon,destroyed by Israel during the war.Who was hiding in the mosque? Were there arms stored there? Did they use the mosque to fire missiles into Israel?Are they sure it was Israel that destroyed the mosque?
Then there was the story about land on the West Bank of Israel.Peace Now charged ,that the settlements were building on Arab land,and using only 9% of the land alloted to them.Unlike the Israeli newspapers that ran the same story the day before,there was no NY Times coverage of settlement leaders, who claimed the story was not factually correct,and that the facts were 2 years old,and steps taken to corect problems.
This weekend ,the NYT ran an unflattering picture of Fred Thompsons wife who they labelled a "trophy wife".Where the picture was taken is not clear,and the extremely low cut neckline,was less than first lady-like.However I have seen very tasteful pictures of her .She is an attorney,and they have two small children and apparently have a stable marriage.
Jackie Kennedy was 13 years younger than JFK,and was considered a "trophy".
Hillary has had her hands full with Bill.Indeed if you look at the relationships of many of our candidates,they are not pristine.Thus the 20 age difference,in the absence of scandel is a non-issue.
Nevertheless, the NYT played it up prominently,and deserves to be taken to task.
All this is icing on the cake.The editorial page, including almost all the op-eds are so tilted to the left that I can use them as a compass.
If they attack and are unhappy,(as in the recent Supreme Court decisions),I know that my contrary opinions are right on target.Lately the Jewish Week serves the same purpose.
For the moment I have not reached the threshold to cancel again!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I thought today would be a good day to point out hypocrisy in politics.
So say the Democrats,especially Hillary.Thanks to THE DRUDGE REPORT, and the article in todays Daily News by Michael Goodwin,we have some real examples of the "cronyism " that Hillary talks about.
Among the pardons Bill gave:
brother Roger Clinton
a college friend (of Bill)
a former business partner
Hillary's brother Hugh Rodam
Mark Rich,who was not only a fugitive,but never stood trial.His wife Denise gave ---$450,000 to the Clinton Library,and admitted on TV,that she bought "access".
Hasidic men from New Square,convicted of fraud.After a political meeting in the village ,with the Dem.Senatorial candidate(Hillary),the village voted 1400-12 for her.One month later,the Rabbi came to a White House meeting,and wha-la a pardon.
If the House has some Committee next week on Preidential clemency,the Republicans should insist on discussing the above cases,or boycott the meeting to highlight the political theater aspect of it.

In 1982,Hizbollah blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut.Since the there have been hundreds of Islamic terrorist attacks ,both large and small.Munich,Achille Lauro,the World Trade Center I,the 1998 bombings in Tanzania and Nairobi killing 224 and wounding thousands,the shooting of Rabbi Meir kahane,the Bnai Brith takeover in Washington,the Empire State Building shootings and hundreds more,including the planes into the World Trade Center.ALL BEFORE WE INVADED IRAQ.
How quickly we forget!

PM BROWN TO HIS CABINET-DON't use the term "Islamic" next to these "CRIMINALS,and don't use the term "War on Terror".
In 1995 NATO Sec-Gen. Willy Claes said "Islamic militancy has emerged as the single gravest threat to NATO and the West."
I really don't see Catholics,Protestants,Jews,Hindus,Mormons etc trying to blow up planes.
Terrorists are criminals,but they are more than that.They seek to destroy our way of life ,unless we convert to Islam.Call it what you like,it is a WAR,and unless you wake up PM Brown, in 20 years,England like parts of Europe,will be an Islamic State.

Give me a break! Hamas does not recognize Israel,seeks to destroy it,fires rockets into Israel daily,is holding Shalit and recruits suicide bombers.
Sounds like great peace partners!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Libby / The Doctors Plot

It is difficult to understand why the President only commuted and did not pardon Scooter Libby.Certainly,the attacks on the Pres. will not be any diminished.Hopefully the full pardon will come through before Bush leaves office.
The Democrats have been yelling about the "fairness doctrine".It is 8.15 PM and the CNN internet site has under the heading of "political comments" on the commutation, six or seven attacks from Democratic Presidential contenders,and not a single statement either from a Republican,or someone supporting Bush.

During Stalins years, the so-called "Doctors plot", was against Jews who Stalin believed were enemies of the State.Of course it was all lies.
Today,we are witnessing Islamic doctors, enjoying all the freedoms and opportunities of Great Britain,who are plotting to destroy Western civilization because of our very freedoms.They do notunderstand that each of us has the right to worship as we desire.
That the world does not yet recognize the full extent of this war is sad.The "war on terror" is not a bumper sticker slogan.
Whether there will be another attack here in the US, we do not know.However,the abundance of street surveillance ,as well as increasd security in England,is surely responsible for the rapid police work.
Instead of political theater by subpeoning the White House ,the Congress should work around the clock,to close our borders, and protect our ports.