Thursday, May 17, 2012

the 99% / facebook -from me they won't make money

To hear the Dems carry on , they are the middle class protecting the world from these bad Republican one percenters.
This class warfare is so ludicrous.
President Obama is now worth 10 million dollars.
Elizebeth Warren, (Pohcahontis) about the same amount.
V.P. biden has a  "MIDDLE CLASS " mansion in Wilmington worth 2.865 million
The heads of most of the large Unions that supporty OWS, and fight against the GOP on economic issues all have salaries,  benefits that range between 300,000 to a million  dollars
John Kerry  is a well known multi-multi millionaire(? BILLIONAIRE) WITH HIS WIFE OF THE  

I know I am old fashioned.Yes I do have an I-Phone which I use poorly.I can use the internet enough to read political blogs, answer e-mails and of course write this blog.
Howevever, I do not understand why anyone would want to be on Facebook. '

Today Sheila recieved an e-mail from some young apparatchik from her College, who invited her (or me) to keep in touch by Facebook. Why? THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS OR ACQAINTANCES.
In general I do not like this "MODERN" METHOD OF SENDING AN E-MAIL  for a wedding invitation,or  to discuss a serious or trivial matter.
To me, I like to hear the voice of the person.I want to grade sincerety, honesty and not be treated like one in a hundred "friends"
I am not tralking about schul announcements, reminders for meetings etc.
Howevever in general the personal touch is gone.
When I get an e-mail , CHAIM YANKEL wants to meet you on Facebook, I ask why? MY phone is listed.
I have not heard from this person in 10-30 years.
I guess as I said I come from another generation.Perhaps in another decade or two, the old fogies like me will be gone-OR perhaps people will ask "why do I have to write my personal thoughts and actions(when I go to the bathroom) for public consumption.Who is interested?If they are REALLY interested,let them pick up the phone,and let's talk or better yet have a cup of coffee.