Tuesday, May 22, 2012

zuckerberg and intermarriage / israeli electric car

I do not ( to my knowldge) own ANY fACEBOOK STOCK.
So, the financial stories of the IPO  while interesting, do not affect me.Nor am I unhappy when I see any person make it really big.
What I am sad about, is when such a prominent Jew, marries out of our faith.
Of course his children will not be Jewish (unless she had a KOSHER CONVERSION-UNLIKELY)
This is part of the followup of the blog I wrote about a week ago,as to what happes to secular, reform and conservative Jews.
The only future for the Jewish People in in the US is the modern and ultra-orthodox.

Along these lines,are the huge number of wealthy Jews,who to celebrate their success, contribute money to non-Jewish charities.I have no problem with all types of charities,medical,  humanitarian and academic. I support many of these.
However. above all, Jewish education,and pro-Israel political support, has to be the major thrust.
If we will not do it-WHO WILL ?

Sat. nite our shul showed a movie for Yom Yerushaluayimn. One of the features, was an ELECTRIC CAR DEVELOPED IN iSRAEL,that will have battery charging  and battery exchange areas to allow cars to go short and long distances.
Yesterday the Jerusalem Post reported that dozens of these cars hit the road this week.Shortly the number of charging stations will multiply.