Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The upcomong trip of Sen. Portman to Israel again hi'lites the difference between the Reps and the Dems when it comes to understanding the needs of Israel sorrounded by a wall to wall sea of enemies.
The whole Obama charade with Iran is only mean to delay an Israeli attack.
As we said  previously, Obama has sent aid in the defense field .Howevever in the strategic political field, he has no feeling for the special realationship between the US and Israel.
If he wins the election, Israel is screwed.
Portman is a highly competent individual,schooled in Trade, the Budget as well as service in the WH, Congress and the Senate.
It is rumored that Romney will likewise go to Israel.

Tonite Mitt goes over the line to become the official nominee.THE RACE IS STILL VERY CLOSE,AND THE POLLS ARE BACK AND FORTH.
The attacks on Bain  while being cheered by the Dem Party leadership, may come back to bite them,as
they are attacking capitalism,even s they accept funds from the likes of Bain Capital.

Why Putin reversed himself, and turned a Russian ship back before they could unload their shipment of arms is not clear.
When are they going to turn Assad over to the INT CRIMINAL COURT as a War Criminal?