Wednesday, May 30, 2012

unilateral west bank withdrawal / REFORM AND CONSERVATIVE CLERGY

The  statement  by Ehud Barak and seconded by Amos Yadlin should be condemned.
Basically they realize that the peace talks with Abbas are going nowhere,and the PA is unlikely to recognize  Israel as a Jewish State,and also will not give up their demands for Jerusalem and the 'right of return'.
Up to this point I am on-board.
However, they next say, that Israel should unilaterally withdraw from the West Bank and that is the end of the ball game.
1-Unilateral ANYTHING is looked upon as a sign of weakness by Arabs-Just wait out the Jews-they will give you what you want.
2-Unilateral withdrawal from Gaza gave Israel 2 things-
A- Israeli citizens whose lives were destroyed by the move
removing the IDF from near setttlements may present a security problem
B- the PA,Hamas etc and other groups will find it  easier to lob rockets into Israel.
The emphasis should be on expanding settlements-

The decision to fund Reform and Conservative clergy in Israel is a sick perversion of Jewish Law and tradition.
These so-called religious movements have brought assimilation, mixed marriages, same sex marriages, egalitarianism and desecration of our Holy Torah.
No civil Court, no government has the power to recognize those who desecrate our Torah.
The next thing will be for some jokers to lobby for a "chief Rabbi from these groups.
Jewish History has witnessed such groups in the past,and as we pointed out a week ago, the documented history of secular, reform and conservative 'jewry' in America yields disaster when it comes to Jewish continuity.
The term 'Rabbi' eminates from the Talmud,and signifies adherence to halacha-that means shabbat-kashruth-taharat hamishpacha and adherence to the 613 mitzvoth.
It is a sad day,which I am sure the reform and conservative are enjoying.Their joy will not survive Jewish history.