Monday, May 07, 2012

dick lugar / latest polls

It appears that Sen. Dick Lugar will go down to defeat in the primary.The Senator was twice Chairman of the Foreign Relations Comm.and  during his long career did not have a home in his state. Rather, he lived  in Washington and while mildly conservative surely has reached a point where he is out of touch with his constituents and the economic needs of the country.
For us,he was never a true friend of the USA-Israel relationship,and I will be glad to see him go.
If the GOP wins the  Senate, Lugar would be in line for his old Chairmanship.

There are lots of political surveys.Almost all of them question registered voters.However, Rasmussen only polls those who are registerd AND plan to vote.That is why his record has been so terrific.
Today he has Ropmney up by 2 points.