Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 days-oh vey

We had the pleasure of spending shabbat in Livingston with 2 of our children.The political talk was as always interesting.
We had a long discusssion on missed oipportunites for McCain.One noteworthy missed answer,when reminded that McCain would be like Bush,was to compare BHO to Jimmie Carter.and his record on Iran.
We were all upset that the Rev. Wright story has not been highlighted.The fear of being called a "racist" has prevented a real discussion of who Obama is. The Wright story is not just about praying in his church,it is about 20 years of indoctrination ,with such faith in his pastor that he used him to conduct his marriage, send his kids there for services,contribute money and then lie to the American people.
It is of question of judgement.
With the press so anti-Republican,there is little room or patience to examine Biden's health record (he had an anyeurism),his gaffes (daily), the Obama-Rezko deals for his land or the true relationship of ACORN and BHO.
Any attack on BHO is labelled racist.
We live in a world where without explanation,black people who used to be called Negroes or Black, suddenly become African-American.Yet whites who come from Europe have no designation.WHY?

The promise of a post-racial society with an Obama candidacy is just so much baloney.He is a Cook Couty politician who is a slick debater and fast on his feet.I have yet to see any concrete suggestion of how the political atmosphere will change with Pelosi,Reid,Frank,Conyers,Rangel and all the myriad entrenched committee chairmen in place.
If Obama wins,pray for more than 43 Republican Senators!