Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jesse is on target

I agree with few things Jesse Jackson says.However his statement that an OBAMA PRESIDENCY WOULD REMOVE THE ISRAELI INFLUENCE IN THE WHITE HOUSE IS RIGHT ON TARGET.
How any lover of Israel could vote for the Democrats is beyond anything I can imagine.Bacically there is no "THERE" there.
Arrogant as always BHO has scheduled a big election nite victory party.As Karl Rove describes it,there is still a chance in view of the 45% of voter that don't believe he is qualified to be President.Also note todays Gallup poll where there is only a 2% margin among likely voters in favor of BHO.

We shall see how FM Livni can reconcile the Shas demand for one billion in social spending,with the fiscal integrity that the finance Minister is demanding.

The Liberal "RABBIS" for Obama,blasted McCain as being in the Joe McCarthy and Nixon tradition.This is classical modern "liberalism"(open to all points of view!)