Monday, October 27, 2008

Some thoughts

The storm on Sat caused our internet tv and phone out for 24 that a baby sitting gig,all add up to no blog .
You will recall that when Hillary cancelled her appearance at the anti-Iranian rally,I gave a few examples of candidates speaking at such rallies and events,and I mentioned the Al Smith dinner.Sure enough Obama and McCain both spoke,and no repercussions.

Well, we are off to Israeli elections,and who knows what can transpire in 3 months.

Obama is so confident,that he has written his acceptance speech.He seems immune to the charges of Marxism-Socialism.No one is listening.Yet, the undecided is still 6-11%.Can things change in 1 week?

Everyday we keep expecting a bottom to the market and the more we read and hear we see that the mevinim are really not so sharp or infallible.It was nice to pay $2.35 for gasoline last nite in Teaneck.