Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin's clothes / Kadima-Labor-Shas ?

Asd we noted,Sareh Palin has been attacked because the national GOP spent $100,000 on her for clothes.In fact as she points out,prior to her nomination, her wardrobe was minimal.What with a large family and special needs,she shops at discount stores to maintain the family budget.
In addition, she is the only one of the top four national candidates who is not a millionaire.
Therefore, the GOP arranged to have presentable new clothes,that would be returned in 3 days,or donated to charity.None of these clothes belong to her.
Again, the attacks are on her character and not on her policies.If she had known in advance that she was to be chosen by McCain, she could have arranged her schedule to rub shoulders with the NY-Hollywood-Washington jetset.Perhaps they would to some small degree stop looking down on her as a hillbilly,unworthy of their consideration.


You have to love Isaraeli politics.
Firstly- there is no way for an outsider to predict the results. of any conflict.
Secondly- political horse-trading (aka-blackmail) is at a very high level,and reported in the media.
Thirdly -nothing is ever final .Even after a rejection or an ultimatum, bargaining can restart after shabbat is over.
Having said that,we will have to wait until Sunday to see if Israel goes to elections,or Shas and Kadimah have a deal.