Sunday, October 19, 2008

Racism /Powell / Bloomberg

As a followup thought on yesterdays comments.Should a miracle occur,and McCain win-look for the left ,the press and the black community to yell "racism". This is despite the fact that 90+% of blacks will vote for BHO.Isn't that racism?

How about old Colin repaying Pres. Bush and the Republican Party for the honors he recieved.He can deny it all he wants,but this is just another endorsement from someone who wants a Black President. The reasons he gave were silly and beneath him.In truth he was a lousy Sec. of State,and a less than loyal Republican.

It is amazing how much print and cable Tv space is being devoted to the "Bradley Factor".I suspect it is an attempt by the media to place a guilt trip on White America.

I don't live in NYC, but you cannot help but be impressed with the naked power of billions of dollars that Bloomberg is prepared to use to cajole,threaten and buy off politicos,charities and corporate heads to support his power grab.
I assume he has been a good Mayor.He should have run for President,especially in these economically distressed times.However,the voter have spoken on term limits
However when it comes to billionaires-they play by their own rules.
I recall when I ran for Chairman of the Presidents Conference.whether I was the best qualified is not for me to say.My opponent was Ron Lauder.He won-Oh did I mention that he had a private airplane!