Thursday, October 23, 2008


The vicious,and scandalous attacks on Sarah Palin continue without abatement.Her clothing,and her persona are subject to ridicule.Yet we see no such analyses of Biden or Mrs Obama.The NYT front page blast at Cindy McCain was mean spirited and again without a corresponding story on Michelle Obama.
Yesterday's total out of context quote from the National Review by a CNN reporter is the most disgusting example of a deliberate attempt to sandbag Palin.The press has set itself up as the judge jury and final arbiter of what Americans can read about,and in what context.Thus when they decided Hillary should withdraw,they kept hitting home that theme,even as she was winning big states.
I remember what the press did to Dan Quale,because he erred on spelling "potato"They made him into an idiot.Yet, before his suprise selection for Veep,he was a distinguished Senator,who as a member of the Armed Services Committee,was an expert on military weapons and national security.It is not that I say that.A few weeks before his choice,I was reading a Congressional analysis that was objective,and bipartisan.They criticized lazy and incompetent members,and praised effective ones in a detailed fashion.Dan Quale was in the latter group.
However when the media does a hatchet job -you are finished.
It is not only the media that is dissecting Palin, but women's groups ,and the liberal intelligentia who know better than anyone what a real "woman" is.All their lives they professed womens progress in the workplace and government.However that only applied if you are a liberal.
As the WSJ pointed out liberals complained about the role of big money on campaigns,except when it is they that raise the big money.
Palin has done a tremendous job as Alaska Gov.She is smart and a quick learner.She controls a mullti-billion dollar budget with over 20,000 employees.She has more ececutive experience than the other 3 candidates.She has recieved a raw deal,and perhaps we the people are unable to correct that-it is our loss.