Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The next generation

Over the years when I was active in running the PAC,I developed a relationship with many members of Congress.Sadly two of them are poised for re-election.
I have no qualms with their legislative records-though both are liberals.Both are friends and even leaders of the pro-Israel Senate community.
Tim Johnson of South Dakota,is the sweetest man you could want to meet.We brought him to Monsey a number of years ago,and everyone loved him.However the stroke that nearly robbed him of his life,has not allowed him to function in a normal manner.His spech is slow, though it is said "his brain is working." (HOW DO WE KNOW?)
Even so,doesn't S. Dakota deserves a Senator who will be 100%,and not dependent upon his staff or colleagues for decisions.Thus he could not debate his opponent.
Sen Byrd is an example of a 90 year old,who is totally dependent upon his staff,but yet is a committee chairman
Sen. Frank Lautenberg retired once already,and that was a smart decision.Then in order to save the party, he ran 6 years ago and won.I have known him since he first came to Washington.Last year the PAC honored him.It was not the same Frank Lautenberg. His memory,ability to speak and discuss complex issues were in my opinion certainly diminished.My wife sat next to him at the dinner,and she made the same if not sharper comments on his ability to serve 6 years,which will get him close to Sen Byrd's age.
I know that there are no age or health limitations on a Senators ability to serve .We depend upon their integrity and honestly.Voters should not assume that failure to debate an opponent is merely a tactical move.Perhaps there should be a test for mental ability.
They asked Reagan what he would do if his mental condition were apparent during his tenure,and he responded that he would resign.
The power of the Senate office is great,and few people have that courage and devotion to the public good, to say .."it's time for the next generation to take over".