Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe the Plumber and Israel

For some strange technical reason,I could not publish this blog yesterday,so here goes.
I started to read an interesting but controversial book by Jacob Heilbrunn.It is entitled "They Knew They were right.THE RISE OF THE NEOCONS" While I am not yet into the meat of the the book,it appears to be an attack on neocons.It is so far a great history lesson.
The origins of the neocons according to Heilbrunn,are the polemics between Trotsky and Lenin/Stalin.With the attack by Germany against the Soviets,followed by the discovery of the horrors of the holocaust,the breakway groups became the basis of a battle that evolved into the conflict for the soul of Liberalsm.
The creation of the State of Israel and its subsequent lightening Israeli victory in the six Day war,redefined the "liberal world".
The far left even the Jews among them,looked upon Israel as an aggressor,oppresser,and colonializer.They have remained committed to that position to this day.
The Neocons,primarily Jews of secular background.became staunch advocates for Israel,as well as a strident anti-communist agenda.
Thus for example it was the neocons,in the Senate(Jackson, Mounihan) in Senate offices ( Morey Amitay) and political thinkers (Perle) who successfully pushed Jackson-Vanick,that coerced the Soviets to release hundreds of thousands of Jews,in order to get economic benefits.
The role of the holocaust,Israel,the batttle against communism and the domestic agenda,such as affirmative action divided permanently the far left who were interested in diplomacy,accomodation and social structuring from the neocons.
Initially the neocons tried to influence the Democratic party,however as the left (EugenE McCathy,McGovern, Carter)consolidated their power,the neocons found a home in the GOP,although not always welcome by the ideological conservatives.
I bring this introduction to my readers so they can understand from whence BHO comes.

Percy Sutton former BP of Manhattan,said that PLO head Khalidi asked him to get BHO into Harvard Law.Obama was indoctrinated by Saul Alinsky in left wing community organizational approaches.We await the Khalidi tape!
He met Ayers,who it appears was at the Khalidi party,and served on the Board with Obama.
It is hard to believe that a man would sit for 20 years at the foot of Rev. Wright,an anti-Israel black nationalist,and not have within him the awakenings of that which was in his veins from his Muslim father and attendance at the Fri religious classes in Kenya.
Could such a man of the LEFT be pro-Israel?
Of course you cannot run for President and reveal your true inner feelings.
However Joe the Plumber,obviously not a Jew,or a sophisticated analyst,feels in his bones that which the partisan politicians and talking heads do not,THE ELECTION OF OBAMA IS A DIRECT THREAT TO ISRAEL
We are not talking about his vote against Israel on cluster bombs, or his reversal of his vision for Jerusalem
We will be in worse shape than with Jimmy Carter.
It is not the division of Herusalem,or American pressure on Israel,or the lack of vetoes in the UNSC,or a weakened military,-yes all of those but more than that a total shift from the "special " relationship. to an even-handed State Dept. run policy that will hamper and cripple Israel for decades.
I do not care what left-wing Rabbis ,lawyers and activists etc, say-JOE THE PLUMBER IS RIGHT ON TARGET.