Thursday, December 04, 2008

Disney,/ Susan Rice / Hebron

We just returnd from 3 days in Disney.Yes there is an economic problem in this country.However you would never know it from the size of the lines and the crowds.What appeared less crowded ,were the stores where they sell merchandise.The prices keep going up,but the family crowds keep coming.I did notice that a real high percentage of women were wearing marriage bands, indicative of the clean family oriented nature of the attraction.
We were stopped by one individual taking a poll for Disney,not about the park, but about how we were treated in the stores.'Having been there before with other grandchildren,I did percieve a small diminution in personel such as "characters" in the streets, as well as a smaller afternoon parade,probably for financial reasons.


The appointment of Susan Rice at the UN, is potential cause for concern.This is primarily because of her less than warmth toward the US-Israel relationship.The question will come up with the necessity to veto Sec. Council anti-Israel resolutions.With Hillary at the helm, it should be ok,however with Rice elevated to Cabinet rank,this could spell some problems.But Hillary is tough,and no fan of Rice's going back to the campaign.In addition,Hillary has been promised her own team-sounds interesting. The role of Biden will be subdued,but on Israel related issues, his voice will be probably helpful.


The extreme force used in Hebron, is another sad chapter in the saga of secular Israeli leaders,having no feeling for their heritage.
Jacob cries when meeting Rachel,for he is aware she will not be buried in Maarot Hamachpela,in the Hebron area, upon her eventual demise.(this weeks Torah reading)
Israeli political leaders don't have the depth of spiritual committment to our heritage to realize that the Temple Mount and Jerusalem,Hebron,Rachel's Tomb,Joseph's Tomb and other physical sites are what constitutes the centrum of holiness of Eretz Yisrael.