Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nuclear Guarantee / Modern Medicine

The reported Obama promise to give Israel a guarantee of a nuclear umbrella is a step in the wrong direction.It would in effect tell Iran that a massive attack on Israel would bring about a US nuclear attack.
1-It would allow Iran to complete its nuclear program for weapons
2-Nothing would prevent them from giving small nuclear weapons to terrorists,Hamas or Hizbollah,yet denying it.
3-When we dealt with the Soviets on the basis of MAD mutual assured destruction,we were dealing with rational,yet evil people who did not want their cities destroyed.There was no religious or fanatatical elements involved.In Iran you are dealing with a sect that believes even if Iran would be destroyed,Islam would survive without an Israel. IT IS SO ORDAINED BY THE PROPHET.
4-By the time the US would respond,Israel could be ashes and smoke
5-Despite Obamas word, there might be a political upheaval in this country against the US nuking another country -especially if Iran would either deny the attack or claim that Israel attacked them first( or delivered by a missile from a ship in the Mediteranean)
6-The long held principle that Israel must defend itself, and not depend upon any other entity except the almighty is the correct approach.
7-This would be a major defeat for the US and NATO in the war againt terrorism.Iran is the financier and supplier of terrorist groups in the world.It would encourage N. Korea and Sria .
8-Other Arab countries who fear Iran such as Egypt and Saudia Arabia would undertake military nuclear programs.

I am so happy that I retired from Medicine when I did,and avoided the crass commercialism we now see.Yesterday's Palm Beach Post had at least 2 full page ads by Plastic Surgeons offering"Holiday Specials".

Botox 1 area-$255
2 areas- $485
`Fillers-with names I never heard of depending upon how many syringes from $535 to 1800 dollars.If you bring the ad with you (which features a young woman in a bra )they will allow the prices to stay until 2009.
The other ad with rebates include breast augmentation (all inclusive) for $3900
also 0% financing available.
I have nothing further to say on such behavior.