Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Global Warming / Auto bailout / First scandal ?

I have always been skeptical of the Al Gore religion-"Global Warming" .These carbon-trades are totally ridiculous and make no sense.Posted today on is a US Senate Comm report excerpt,which shows that a growing majority of International scientists, believe the whole thing is a bunch of bunk.You can go to Marc Morano @ EPW.Senate.Gov for the full report.

The drama being played out in the Senate will be interesting, since 2 Democratic Senators are out of the country. It would seem that the Congress is determined to have auto makers build cars that we the public do not want.When it becomes clear that that move will fail,then the Dems will try to tax carbon fuels and cars that we do want ,to such an extent that perhaps we will be forced to go that path.However,voters and taxpayers do not have to sit idly by and allow these clowns to dictate our way of transportation ,in a democracy.
By the way,since Chrysler is a private investment, why won't its parent bail it out?
In the meantime, bankruptcy with a reorganization of union contracts. suppliers, debtors, stockholders, banks and dealers makes the most sense.

I have the feeling that we are witnessing the first Obama -related scandal.Did he or any one of his aides speak to the Illinois Gov. about the Senate seat? Why will he refuse to answer regarding Rahm Emanuel's possible communication with the Gov.To be continued!