Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man bites dog / Chicago! / UAW

The headlines reveal the "ass-backwards" approach of Jimmy Carter.
"Jimmy Carter regrets snub by Hezbollah" indicating they refused to meet with him.He would have "been delighted" to meet with top Hezbollah officials said the former Pres.
In a world of morality,they should have been begging to see him,and he should have refused on the basis of their terrorism.However JC's view of Israel and the world leaves much to be desired.


The attacks by the UAW on Rep. Senators is to be expected.
a) it is the price that unions will pay for putting all their campaign eggs into the Dem. coffers .
b)it is a defensive move, since they (UAW)realize they were at fault for the breakdown of talks.Thererfore blame those who they cannot control.Yet not one Democratic leader spoke up for the Corker Plan
c) Although they (UAW)think that time is on their side, since Bush blinked and the Dems are only days away from power,they misjudge the American public.We do not look at the southern transplants as being anything other than a place that offers employment opportunities to our citizens.We feel no difference in loyalty if we buy a Buick from Detroit,or a Toyota from Tennessee.When the big 3 will go into bankruptcy,as they will regardless of the initial bailout, the unions will have to face reality.Nor is there a guarantee that any futre TARP approval will get 60 votes in the new Senate.Americans are not going to agree to bailout after bailout.
The Corker plan was their best hope for viability.The WSJ editorial headline was right on target-it was Mitch McConnell's finest hour.Sadly the Pres. once again failed to consult with Congressional Republicans during the negotiations.This is exactly why the Republican Party lost its direction with a President who failed to realize he was also party leader.

The Chicago scandel is only beginning to perk.The Chicago Tribune reports that Emanurl Rahm had conversationS wth the Gov over acceptable choices for the Senate seat.At present no one is accusing Obama of anything except a lack of transparency.He should learn from Clinton and Watergate that it is best to get everything out with one swoop and with candor. As I wrote in my autobiography in regard to the Lanner case,as a student of public scandels, the Tylenol case was the perfect example of how to correctly deal with the (grateful) public.
Rezko is singing,and it probably won't be long before the arrested Chief of Staff Harris,will likewise sing for a reduced sentence.Then perhaps the US Attorney will threaten to indict the Gov's wife in the hope that the Gov. will likewise sing to save her.The whole house of cards could come falling down,including the Rezko-Obama land deal for the Obama home.We may learn about the down payment source for the home.
In any event,all of this takes the headlines away from the Obama plan to socialize medicine, create card-check to pay back unions, and other left wing agendas.As a matter of fact the involvement of the Union in the Jesse Jackson affair, and the feelings toward the UAW are diluting the potential political power of unions in the current period.
The Dems in Illinois who initially called for a new election for the Obama Senate seat, are now nervous that Cong. Kirk a clean Rep. House member would win the seat.Stay tuned.