Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hadassah Hospital /House of Lords/ EZ Pass /Gaza

Having visited Hadassah Hospital a number of times.including scrubbing in for an operation years ago and more recently a tour of the Cardiology Dept, with the members of my shiur,I was saddened to learn that they lost 90 million dollars in the Madoff scheme.
Especially since they recieve no government funding,understanding how this could occur will perhaps prevent future occurrences.The conflict 0f interest clause which Yeshiva University did not yet have at the time of their loss, might have helped.
I recall at the OU, funding was not allowed to be invested with the firms of Board members(not that we ever had such funds as we are currently witnessing)The hundreds of thousands of Hadassah Women,sad as they are will have to work harder,hopefully in a safer financial environment.Of course this applies to every charity so affected.

=====================================================================================We We obtained our freedom from England and did away with the House of Lords, and the wealthy aristocracy-or did we?
What a joke that Caroline Schlossberg is probably going to get the nod for yhe US Senate seat in NY.
That Bloomberg and Harry Reid endorsed her is part of the fix.
The only difference between Madoff peddling illegal investments to the wealthy and well placed social crowd,and these characters pushing a member of the in-team is that the latter is reprehensible but not illegal.Same crowd and same sense of entitlement.This echoes what I wrote about the end of term limits in NYC.


When you drive from the Washington Bridge or on the Turnpike or I-95 each toll booth has EZ-Pass that electronically recognizes your membership number.No toll gates,and no full stops.
On the Tri-boro (JFK)and other NYC tunnels even as the Authority seeks to raise tolls, they have these silly outdated barriers that go up and down with each car.To keep watch,they have multiple (overweight) policeman with their legs apart studying the gates, and from time to time advising an out of towner who went in the wrong lane.
It seems to me we could speed traffic,cut down on the number of personell and save gas in the idling cars by coming into the 21st century.


I suggest a brief review of past Israeli Govt. warning to Hamas have zero meaning as the rockets continue. G-d forbid a rocket should hit a school or apartment complex with multiple deaths which would cause a proper response.
I understand that the IDF does not wish to re-occupy Gaza.However these are the people that withdrew from Gaza,and they must assume the proper responsibility in cleaning up the mess
The Govt. applauds Annapolis and the current UN resolution-what positive results ensued? NOTHING