Monday, December 29, 2008

Public Opinion

Those of us who understand the need for Israel to go into Gaza, often believe that how could any fair minded person disagree?
Well let's start with J Street,the way- left leaning lobby-PAC, Americans for Peace Now, Brit Zedek V'shalom.and Israel Policy Forum all of whom call themselves "pro-Israel",while saying Israel has a right of self-defense, attacked the Israelis because defending themselves will not advance the cause of peace.(PEACE AT ANY COST-ARAB REFUGEES,DIVIDE JERUSALEM AND SO ON)Of interest is that Jeremy Ben-Ami the Exec. VP of K Street,will be a guest speaker at the JCPA Convention.I HAVE PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN ABOUT THIS LEFT-LEANING DEBATING SOCIETY, OF WHICH THE OU IS THE ONLY ORTHODOX MEMBER. I have long felt that the OU should not be a part of the group.However, if they are there then they should protest Ben-Ami's role.
With friends like these who needs enemies!?
On the Arab side, C-Span had a session with Muslim groups that are preparing petitions,post cards and rallies attacking Israel from throughout America.
Our side should start mobilizing public opinion,as the going gets tough and bloody.