Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Iraq-friend or ? /Nintendo

I supported Pres. Bush on his decision to topple Saddam. I believed then and now that he had WMD, which at the last moment he shipped to be buried in the Bekka Valley.(US intelligence did note convoys of trucks rumored to be WMD or gold heading there just before the war).
We know from the 1st Gulf War, that nuclear material was found,and all the intelligence agencies of Europe and Israel concurred in that conclusion(Saddam had or was close to having WMD).
With the war primarily over,we should not fool ourselves however, that we have created a permanent democracy or even a permanent friend,
As long as we are there,we will have influence.We should not confuse that with true friendship.
How long after we leave will it take Iraq to vote against us in the UN?How long will it take before Iraq joins as a vocal part of anti-Israel bloc of the Arab League? They are not a military threat to Israel, but the proximity to Iran and the Shia influence,is a threat to Iraqi independence. The fact that Parliament adjourned without approving the stationing of non-U.S. military long term in the country speaks to the problem.The recent outpouring of support for the shoe-thrower tells us a great deal.
It is time for Iraq to use its oil money,and invest it in its own reconstruction.The U.S. has done enough financially, and the Iraqis should stand on their own 2 feet where possible.


There are increasing reports of severe long and short term medical problems attributable to the overuse of computer games ,Nentendo and Wii.These include arthritis, tendinitis,kneecap displacement and hospitalizations for variations of the above.
Obviously I am not from the computer game age.However in observing children my grandchildren's age and other young people,these games become more than a sport.They are almost a full time passion and obsession that does not allow for interruption to say hello to humans, or to carry on a conversation .Parents are happy,because the kids stay out of trouble,and are adept at computer tactics that their elders can only marvel at.
However parents should be aware of the potential medical damage. Similarly, while not proven is the recurring suggestion of increased brain tumors occurring in those who use cell phones on a constant basis by placing the receiver against the ear.
It is perhaps time to go back to encouraging READING as an activity for children!