Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Illinois- business as usual / Olmert-Abbas /Hold the Line

There has always been something about the air in Illinois that reeks of official corruption.Presidential ballots found floating down the river which if counted might have spelled a different conclusion in Nixon's first run.
I recall when I was a medical student in Chicago,I was stopped by a traffic cop.I was in my whites, going from one hospital to another.The cop after telling me how wonderful doctors were to the men in blue,calmly asked me for $10 to forget the matter.When I informed him I only had $7 in my pocket,he settled on $5.-case closed.
If there is a special election,and there is a Democratic primary including some who may have had a hand in trying to bribe the Gov.,then there is a possibility of a Rep. pickup.
By the way, the Rangel wrangle gets more twisted each day. How Pelosi won't step up to the plate is beyond imagination..


The report by Tony Blair that Olmert and Abbas have an oral deal is beyond belief.The election cannot happen soon enough!


The threat of a fillibuster on the auto-bailout is real,and more attention should be paid to some sort of pre-arranged bankruptcy.
The Republicans in the Senate will have to be prepared for steam-roller tactics over spending, health-care and card-check.If anyone can hold the line, it is Mitch McConnell