Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't know anything about the new S.C. nominee,except that from a political point of view Obama hit a home run with the female/latino community.'We should wait until her record becomes clear before making any critical (pro or con) remarks.However,the concept of appointing a Judge because they have empathy,is certainly against our Torah teachings.
Community leaders must show compassion and empathy.A Judge must have intellectual strength, honesty,integrity,strength of character,and above all be a student of the law.One must judge not based on wealth,social position ,reputation,or any extraneous factor other than the rule of law.
The role of elected officials,is to create legal and social standards that will meet the needs of the public. Judges are not meant to legislate,and thus "activism" is a condition that belongs in the legislative or national or state administation offices and not in the Judiciary.