Sunday, May 24, 2009


There are often-times statements made by politicians that make no sense,and cannot be defended. with logic.
Two such examples are-
1-Gitmo is a cause of increased terror activity against the US.It energizes our enemies.
2-Settlements in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) are an impediment to peace.

Fact.-long before there was an American presence at Gitmo,Hezbollah attacked the Marine base in Beirut.Similarly, the Iranians seized our Embassy. The 9/11 attacks took place,after unsuccessful attempts.They killed Rabbi Meir Kahane,they blew up the Khobar Towers,African attacks and dozens of worldwide terrorist attacks-all before Gitmo.
What is wrong with Gitmo? Safe, clean ,secure away from other Muslim prisoners on the mainland.Obama wanted to please the Europeans.
The fact that Obama made a campaign promise,has nothing to do with national security.

Similarly,long before there was an Israeli State,and long before there were settlements,Arabs tried to kill Jews.They SLAUGHTERED INNOCENT PEOPLE AT KFAR ETZION,AND BURNED AND RAPED AT EVERY NEW YISHUV THEY COULD.
The wars of '48,''67 and so on ,long before settlements,were because the Arabs
thought they could throw Israel into the sea.
They are not an impediment to peace.The failure to recognize Israel as a Jewish State is the problem.Their concept is a Middle East free of Jews.
The settlement issue is a diversion,and Israel is right not to be bullied on "natural growth".
The fact that Israel can never compromise on the "Right of Return" and Jerusalem makes a peace deal impossible,even if Hamas changed its tune.,