Sunday, May 17, 2009

A sham of a "pro-Israel " group

This weeks "Pirke Avoth" Sayings of our Fathers in chapter 5,defines a "Golem"-basically a boor or clod-totally unsophisticated.
Such describes the Israel Policy Forum,and their full page NYT ad on Friday (A -13).
They describe themselves as a "pro-Israel organization". Yet,their ad is directed to Pres. Obama. Nowhere do they say they have real feelings for Jewish survival(not on their left wing agenda)
They should have started by Welcoming the Israeli PM,and wishing him well.
In truth they can't stand him, so why waste the print.
They don"t even mention the ISRAELI PM BY NAME OR COUNTRY,ONLY "AS YOU MEET LEADERS OF THE REGION..." Common courtesy, welcome the PM.
There is no mention of Iran,an existential threat to Israel,because these self-hating individuals have their own agenda, and the needs of Zionism and the Jewish people don't enter the equation.
They attack West Bank setttlement construction,although none is taking place.They attack demolition of Arab houses in E. Jerusalem even though they are built illegally,and have been so designated by the Courts.In addition illegal Jewish housing is similarly demolished.Unlike Syria,Lebanon,Gaza,Saudia Arabia (originator of the peace plan the IPF supports)and other countries Israel is run by the rule of law.
There is no mention that Hamas in Gaza still refuses to recognize Israel,even as rockets continue from Gaza.Yet IPF says the "Gaza must be reconstructed".
In addition,Hamas will not join Abbas in a "unity govt" , nor will Fatah join Abbas creating a void in the West Bank.(thus no govt)
No mention,that if Israeli security were removed from the W. Bank,within 6-8 weeks it would become "Hamastan." Nor do they ask the President to bring about the diarmament of Hezbollah.
They call for the "Arab Peace Initiative to be embraced" This includes 1 million Arab refugees returning to Israel-meaning the end of the Jewish State.It means the division of Jerusalem.It means removing 300,000 Jews from their homes from the suburbs of Jerusalem
I ask in all honesty what intellectually honest group who advocate such anti-Israel venom, would have the chutzpah to call themselves "pro-Israel".
Nowhere do they acknowledge the geat democracy that is Israel,and a free election that brought this govt. to power.And, nowhere do they admit that the PM has said that he looks forward to negotiations.In fact not a SINGLE Word praising Israel or her leaders.
What IPF wants is a forced solution.Since they don't live in Israel,nor send their children to the Army ,nor have to go to sleep worrying about Iran's intentions,they have the liberty to place Israel into the role of a "Banana Republic"that acts according to the whims of a bunch of left wing rich (American) people with no constituency,but the ability to have an office on 56th St.,and the extra cash to support th NYT (if you can't support Israel,at least help the Times).