Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learning about Tfillin / A message to Bibi / Norpac

My wife and I had such an interesting and delightful hour last nite.Years ago when you wanted to order Tfillin( phylacteries)for your self,child etc, you would go to the elderly scribe and order what you needed.
Today, a new generation of scribes invite the bar-mitzvah boy and his family in for a demonstration on how you make the tfillin,as well as many of the laws.Our grandson Jack Ganchrow was the fortunate young man,as he will be bar-mitzvad after the Succoth holidays.We were pleasantly suprised at how much information was imparted to all of us.


The JP reports that all the coalition except Labor have urged N etanyahu not to give in to Obama next week regarding a 2-state solution.The Left in America and our community have their knives and pens out to attack in every way possible the efforts of Bibi and his govt.

Next Wed. I will join the Norpac grouyp that will be going to Washington to meet with 450 members of Congress. Over 800 NJ-Rockland activists will join the goup.