Thursday, May 14, 2009

Papal Hypocricy

The Pope has a small state which is indedpendent-called the Vatican
Imagine, if around the walls of his state tens and even hundreds of thousands of neighbors" not only wish to destroy his state, but are willing to carry out terrorist attacks within the state.No matter that they will die in these attacks.Imagine that every week a few of his citizens die,but the world pays only lip service to the problem.
You consult security experts,who advise you to place a fence in those areas that have been the source of terrorist infiltration.
There are no more daily attacks.You are happy, and your people secure.
Wait-a religious leader from another continent stands by the fence,and attacks you for protecting yourself.
This is the hypocricy of the Pope-niave or just still some of that Hitler youth feeling in his neshama.
The vitality of the Sate of Israel is the greatest obstacle to their theology-of a people that superceded the ancient Hebrews.