Thursday, May 07, 2009


The Talmud tells us that two individuals you are never jealous of if they are better than you,your students and your children.I appreciate Elli for doing a great job while I was away.
As we read the headlines in the JP today of UN Sec. admonishing Hezbollah for their role in supplying arms to Hamas,the picture of the Israeli-Lebanese border comes to mind.
One week ago our group stood at the fence at Misgav Am a border kibbutz( that took thousands of mortar hits in previous years) and looked down into Lebanon.What was amazing is that in the Lebanese town not a soul could be seen walking the streets or driving a car.The stores are dark,and you would think it a ghost town.
But it is not! The hills are full of bunkers,and Hezbollah arms are buried ready to be used when the order is given.The people are all employed by Hezbollah and work indoors preparing for the next war against Israel.
Why is the border so quiet now? There are elections coming up in Lebanon soon,and the Hezbollah as the best organized entity hopes to win,if they can preserve quiet on the surface.
I have not studied the AIPAC position on the 2 State solution,so I would rather do a lot more investigating before I comment with my initial visceral feelings-which are neg.