Thursday, March 11, 2010

Actors as foreign policy experts / Biden /Kennedy

Tom Hanks is a great actor-period.
Why his views ,or that of any actor-ballplayer etc has enough validity to warrant the cable news shows from highlighting it on the bottom of the screen ,escapes me.
Hanks yesterday had some remarks that seemed to say we are condemning all of the Islamic world because of a few bad apples.
I am waiting for the first Catholic-Protestant-Jewish suicide bomber!
The French have the right idea,as they ban the burka.
Jihad Jane is but the latest example of those who seek to destroy our democracy from within.
Of course there are moderate Muslims.and I met them in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan-non-Arabs,friends of the US-Israel.It is time for a vocal Islamic moderate voice in the US denounce Jihad.

VP Biden's "condemnation" of Israel was excessively harsh.His words of reassurance to Israel regarding Iran,were just that WORDS with no meaning.
The sanctions without Russia,China,Brazil are too slow and ineffective.
It is obvious that Obama has come to the conclusion that he cannot stop a nuclear Iran,perhaps contain it.

Patrick Kennedy the RI Dem.,was either smoking something funny or cracking up during his scream-athon on the House floor.Luckily for him (and the voters) he is retiring.