Monday, March 22, 2010

Petraeus a student of Walt / Hillary

The New York Magazine and other sources quote General Petraeus -as we noted last week,regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict hurting our interests in Afghanistan etc.THIS , TO SHOW THAT NEO-CONS ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE OF ISRAEL!
It now turns out that Petraeus received a PHD from Princeton in 1987.His "REBBI" Stephen Walt, co-author of the infamous "Israel Lobby" book.
Thus while we ,have been supportive of the General in Iraq on military matters,we should be wary of his political opinions,which represent the worst of anti-Israel "theology"

I and our community got burned once with Hillary.We are not stupid to accept her garbage a second time.Of course the AIPAC crowd did not boo,because they were asked not to.That of course was the correct approach.The crowd sat silently when she spoke of settlements-I wish I had a copy of her speech to the Presidents Conference in Jerusalem about 10 years ago.Quite different!
Anyway, the talk about Iran is so far just that-TALK-
AT THE END OF THE Day, Obama,et al came to the conclusion that further pressure is not politically smart.Now having pushed the PA to insist on a total cessation of Jerusalem building-to come back to proximity talks without such a move is Mitchells problem.
Bibi would be crazy to agree to pushing out Shas and Lieberman to make Obama happy.-There would go his govt.