Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jay Leno /. Mort Zuckerman

We are among those who watched the first 10 minutes of Jay Leno last nite.Sadly we were disappointed,
I have no problems with Bush-Cheney jokes,however the election is over and we are in a new cycle.The word Obama was never mentioned.We found his jokes stale and not up to his cutting edge of years ago.
That will be our last attempt to watch him. Similarly when he moved to his new time,we watched for a few days and were disappointed.

The decision of Harold Ford not to run opens a new opportunity for the Republicans. We await Gov. Pataki to get into the fray.While I know Mort Zuckerman from my days in the President's Conference,I know little of his political views outside of his pro-Israel leadership.
I know him to be extremely bright,not particularly friendly and certainly not a warm or "politician-type" in the mode of Hillary or the vast number of Senators I interacted with during my PAC days. He is a competent and respected individual,with the financial means to follow a Bloomberg style campaign.
Question-Is he a real Republican?