Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The End..... / Petraeus- Clinton

PRESIDENT OBAMA IS SUPPOSEDLY A CONSTITUTIOINAL LAWYER and we know that "process" is extremely important not only in the rules of evidence,but the way our society works.
How do you teach children that the constitution can be tampered with,have a virtual passage of a bill,and use every shortcut that leaves an odor.Do the Dems really believe that they can make believe they are only having a procedural" vote, and that people will believe that they didn't support the Senate bill?
A legal battle is surely in the wings.

The attempt by General David Petraeus to equate 1600 homes in Ramat Shalom with
endangering American lives in Afghanistan,is way out of line.The General has never been friendly to the US-Israel relationship.
Not only does it not make sense,it is purely a hatchet job on Israel.
It will be interesting to see the reception Hillary gets at AIPAC.I was totally wrong about her feelings toward Israel, that were masked by her raw ambitions toto be a Senator from NY