Sunday, March 07, 2010

HC in the election / Unions

Sen. Mitch McConnell makes a very interesting point.What benefit would accrue to the Dems in the coming election if HC passes?None of the provisions will be in effect for years,however the taxes and reduced Medicare funding will be immediate.And with every Republican candidate making the repeal of the bill the prime issue in the campaign,Dems will not only have to defend their votes, but a lack of jobs under Obama.What with economists talking about a job recovery by 2013-14 that is not a pleasant position to be in to defend the above,while increased deficits are spoken about each day.
Pelosi has no problem asking her team to commit Harri-Kari,after all her seat is safe.However her speakership is not.

When I was a kid,I learned to appreciate unions for their effort on behalf of the working class.Today,the only area of union growth is in the public service arena.These self-serving groups, have helped bring economic downfall fo local, state and federal governments.Salaries are higher than in equal private positions,pensions start at an early age , and in some states like California tenure for teachers begins after 2 years with no examination of abilities.
There are 100,000 government employees that don't pay federal tax,yet the Dems won't allow them to be fired-because of union opposition.
In Michigan an entire faculty in a failing school was fired because the teachers would not cooperate.Who is fighting them-the unions.
Union leaders spend tens of millions on lobbying,and have Obama in their pockets.
The American public will in time rebel againsgt the State legislatures that refuse to protect the public welfare.