Saturday, March 13, 2010

Civil Disobedience / Bibi must stay strong

Tomorrow Sheila and I start a 2 day drive back to Fort Lee,the season being over. This year the weather was much cooler,and we spent much less time at the swimming pool.I thank Al Gore for global warming.
If I were a member of Congress and they brought up this phantom vote in which you make believe the HC bill passed without having done so,I think I would lose my cool.
I would urge my colleague to join me in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.Namely I would have the entire Republican side sit on the floor in the well of the HOUSE,
WHAT PELOSI ADVOCATES BORDERS ON THE CRIMINAL-IF THIS WERE AIG ETC,THERE WOULD BE A CRY FOR A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.If they can get away with a "virtual" vote,why ever have a meeting or votes?-let the Speaker speak in the name of the Congress!

The continued attacks on Israel by Clinton,the State Dept.,the WH,Biden etc,are way out of line.
This President cannot control his own party to pass HC or climate issues.Israel has a Cabinet made up of different parties and Bibi cannot control what each one says.In addition the US keeps calling Jerusalem areas as "settlements".
The US must realize that regardless of the talks-direct or indirect,the people of Israel will never agree to DIVIDE JERUSALEM,GIVE AWAY THE TEMPLE MOUNT,ALLOW THE "RIGHT OF RETURN" OR STOP BUILDING IN JERUSALEM.
Israel had problems with Baker,Bush etc,and long after Obama is finished 2 or 6 years,Israel will have a unified Jerusalem.