Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ramat Shalom / Lox

The condemnation by VP Biden of the 1600 new homes in Ramat Shalom is typical for the Obama administration.True Eli Yishai could have waited 2 days until Biden leaves to make the announcement,however it emphasizes that Israel is not prepared to divide or surrender sovereignty of Jerusalem-not for Mitchell,Biden or Obama.
In addition, despite the left wing protests at Sheik Jarrah ,the government and the Jerusalem municipality is intent on bringing in more Jews to this area,in which from 1880-1948 was a Jewish neighborhood.
I hope when our shiur visits Israel right after Pesach Motti Dan and Ateret Kohanim will take us to visit these area,so we can express our support.

I received a call this morning from the Rockland Journal News on the new controversy regarding the kashruth of lox.I know little about the topic,other than the OU assures us we can continue eating bagels and lox.
I assume that Monsey as the home of the talking fish,will see some groups boycott lox-as for me tomorrow I will celebrate by making myself lox and eggs.