Monday, March 01, 2010

Sen. Jim Bunning / Biden as Senate Pres.

Sen. Jim Bunning is not running for re-election.Perhaps this explains his one-man almost heroic effort to force the Senate to come to grips with their hypocrisy.
They pass pay-as-you-go, then want to add 10 billion dollars in added unemployment compensation without finding a funding source.Rather say the old"boys"="Just let's add it to the deficit".
Everyone is mad at Jim,but perhaps they should be mad at themselves on 2 counts.
1-they don't have the courage to emulate him.
2-prolonging unemployment compensation does not in the long run help people to find jobs-it is just the opposite.

So now it seems that VP Biden as President of the Senate can overrule the Senate Parliamentarian on what constitutes proper legislative material to allow a reconciliation to take place.
The Dems are counting on people forgetting their disregard for common sense and the will of the people.
November is just around the corner.