Sunday, March 28, 2010

This will be the last post until after Pesach-let me wish all a chag kasher vesameach.

The UN Security Council Resolution

Firstly in light of the embarressment and disgusting treatment given to the PM ,Israel should say publicly-"enough is enough"-either you are our friend or you are out to lead us to the slaughter.Until you make up your mind,Ambassador Mitchell will no longer be welcome to deal with us for an unspecified time (after the Congressional elections!).In the meantime he should spend time with the new close allies of the US like Libya,Syria and even Iran.
The Govt of Israel should publicly state that since it cannot trust a partnership with the Obama administration,it will proceed with contingency plans for dealing with Iran on its own.
If the resolution is not vetoed,Israel should announce that immediately after the 10 month moratorium is finished a whole series of building including E-1 will take place.
The Washington Post in some op-ed described Obama as vindictive against Israel.Yes this is a TOUGH TIME.However, at the end of the day, Israel must hang tough,and it will surely be just another blip on the screen.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A call for new elections

The more I read about the disgusting treatment that Bibi received from Obama, THE ANGRIER I AM.
As my friend Yoram Ettinger ,a former Ambassador for Congressional Relations wrote today, this is an attempt to push Israel out of the Judea-Samaria area,divide Jerusalem, and make Israel cry "uncle".I have been thinking all day for an approach that could turn everything around.
After all Israel is the only democracy, but is being treated like a bannana republic.
My thoughts follows a different approach.
Bibi should call-Snap Elections.That will freeze all diplomatic activity for 6 months.He should run on an anti-Obama platform-build in Jerusalem without US interference.
In the interim,he should invite Kadimah to join in case he needs a unified decision to attack Iran.

incidentally with all the excitement with forged passports in Dubai,who gave the Hamas guy his false passport?
GB shoulod have given Mossad an award for knocking off a mass murderer-however when you only kill Jews that is a different story

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama proves himself once again

I don't care if you say he is a "Pintele Muslim" or a full blown Muslim,in my mind Obama's heart and soul are with Islam.He has absolutely no feeling or warmth to Israel,Jewish Heritage, the land or Jewish history.
Democratic legislators should be ashamed for not speaking up at the terrible way he was treated by the WH.
Pelosi,Reid and the Rep. leadership should invite Bibi to address a Joint session of the Congress.
Jewish groups,including AIPAC,the Pres.Conference,and groups like the OU, should be taking out ads in support of Jerusalem OUR ETERNAL CAPITOL.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ann Coulter / Hillary Bibi

For shame on Canada and Ottowa University for forcing a cancellation of Ann Coulters speech due to the conduct of protestors.While I am not a fan of hers,her ideas contain solid conservative thought.No one forces anyone to listen to those they disagree with.However in the absence of incitement,free speech mandated that a proper opportunity should not be denied to a legitimate person with a point of view.

I have not seen or heard of the results of the Obama-Bibi meeting.However I did hear that a photo-op session with Hillary was cancelled.Let us make no mistake, Obama-Hillary etc are not our friends,and the Democratic leadership except for a few has been too silent.

I watched the AIPAC speech by Bibi last nite.Firstly he did use a teleprompter which would have made his eye movements and presentation better
As far as the leadership goes ,Bibi is certainly the most articulate,especially in english.He twice made the point that Israel reserves the right to defend itself,even as he defended building in Jerusalem.We just have to start counting how many days O has left in his presidency.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Petraeus a student of Walt / Hillary

The New York Magazine and other sources quote General Petraeus -as we noted last week,regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict hurting our interests in Afghanistan etc.THIS , TO SHOW THAT NEO-CONS ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE OF ISRAEL!
It now turns out that Petraeus received a PHD from Princeton in 1987.His "REBBI" Stephen Walt, co-author of the infamous "Israel Lobby" book.
Thus while we ,have been supportive of the General in Iraq on military matters,we should be wary of his political opinions,which represent the worst of anti-Israel "theology"

I and our community got burned once with Hillary.We are not stupid to accept her garbage a second time.Of course the AIPAC crowd did not boo,because they were asked not to.That of course was the correct approach.The crowd sat silently when she spoke of settlements-I wish I had a copy of her speech to the Presidents Conference in Jerusalem about 10 years ago.Quite different!
Anyway, the talk about Iran is so far just that-TALK-
AT THE END OF THE Day, Obama,et al came to the conclusion that further pressure is not politically smart.Now having pushed the PA to insist on a total cessation of Jerusalem building-to come back to proximity talks without such a move is Mitchells problem.
Bibi would be crazy to agree to pushing out Shas and Lieberman to make Obama happy.-There would go his govt.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HC -Beer summit


It looks like Obamacare will squeak through.after an openly disgraceful process.What will happen in the Senate will be interesting, with Sen. Conrad threatening some changes,which if succerssful would send it back to the House.Rep.Senators have sent word to Dems in the House-if you voted NO the first time,and now vote yes,and you lose your seat,and if you were promised a Federal position requiring confirmation,you won't get .They will also scour every appropriation for projects in their distriocts and place a hold on it.

Now that Obama will be in Washington when Bibi comes to AIPAC,Nathan Diament of the OU suggests a "beer summit"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The End..... / Petraeus- Clinton

PRESIDENT OBAMA IS SUPPOSEDLY A CONSTITUTIOINAL LAWYER and we know that "process" is extremely important not only in the rules of evidence,but the way our society works.
How do you teach children that the constitution can be tampered with,have a virtual passage of a bill,and use every shortcut that leaves an odor.Do the Dems really believe that they can make believe they are only having a procedural" vote, and that people will believe that they didn't support the Senate bill?
A legal battle is surely in the wings.

The attempt by General David Petraeus to equate 1600 homes in Ramat Shalom with
endangering American lives in Afghanistan,is way out of line.The General has never been friendly to the US-Israel relationship.
Not only does it not make sense,it is purely a hatchet job on Israel.
It will be interesting to see the reception Hillary gets at AIPAC.I was totally wrong about her feelings toward Israel, that were masked by her raw ambitions toto be a Senator from NY

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama and Israel

Besides HC, the news of the day was the treatment by Obama and his administration of Israel.Page 1 of the NYT and WSJ started out the day.The Israeli papers, cable news joined in .I was on 2 conference calls by 2 different organizations on the topic.
The bottom line seems to be that after Israel apologized and Biden accepted, the WH decided this was a good time to screw Israel.Although they are making the same mistake as last year,namely hoping that Israelis will throw out Bibi,the end result will be the opposite.
Clinton in her attack asked for concrete results,and perhaps Israel will promise that there will be no suprises (until the next time).Perhaps the talks with Mitchell as a go-between will concentrate more on major and not technical issues.However as the riots show,when the US attacks Israel, the natives get agitated,and think they can riot,hang tough and Israel will cave.
There can be no compromise on dividing Jerusalem,nor could Bibi survive backing down on Jerusalem construction.The so-called right of return and a demilitarized PA are 2 more issues that are non-starters.
Bottom line-if they can't sit at the same table and negotiate,how can they live in peace?

Monday, March 15, 2010


we just arrived in N.J. ,and saw some of the devastating damage in Teaneck.My 2 sons one in Teaneck (Ari)and the other (Elli) in N Woodmere,both are without power.My building had no power until yesterday,and no water until today.
We often see the results of natural disasters, but when they come close to home,it takes on a NEW DIMENSION.
Sadly, two gentlemen coming home from Teaneck synagogue were killed by a falling tree.

All day in the car we heard about HC,the President's trip to give another speech.All I can say if he had the votes,he'd be on the way overseas

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Civil Disobedience / Bibi must stay strong

Tomorrow Sheila and I start a 2 day drive back to Fort Lee,the season being over. This year the weather was much cooler,and we spent much less time at the swimming pool.I thank Al Gore for global warming.
If I were a member of Congress and they brought up this phantom vote in which you make believe the HC bill passed without having done so,I think I would lose my cool.
I would urge my colleague to join me in CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.Namely I would have the entire Republican side sit on the floor in the well of the HOUSE,
WHAT PELOSI ADVOCATES BORDERS ON THE CRIMINAL-IF THIS WERE AIG ETC,THERE WOULD BE A CRY FOR A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.If they can get away with a "virtual" vote,why ever have a meeting or votes?-let the Speaker speak in the name of the Congress!

The continued attacks on Israel by Clinton,the State Dept.,the WH,Biden etc,are way out of line.
This President cannot control his own party to pass HC or climate issues.Israel has a Cabinet made up of different parties and Bibi cannot control what each one says.In addition the US keeps calling Jerusalem areas as "settlements".
The US must realize that regardless of the talks-direct or indirect,the people of Israel will never agree to DIVIDE JERUSALEM,GIVE AWAY THE TEMPLE MOUNT,ALLOW THE "RIGHT OF RETURN" OR STOP BUILDING IN JERUSALEM.
Israel had problems with Baker,Bush etc,and long after Obama is finished 2 or 6 years,Israel will have a unified Jerusalem.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Actors as foreign policy experts / Biden /Kennedy

Tom Hanks is a great actor-period.
Why his views ,or that of any actor-ballplayer etc has enough validity to warrant the cable news shows from highlighting it on the bottom of the screen ,escapes me.
Hanks yesterday had some remarks that seemed to say we are condemning all of the Islamic world because of a few bad apples.
I am waiting for the first Catholic-Protestant-Jewish suicide bomber!
The French have the right idea,as they ban the burka.
Jihad Jane is but the latest example of those who seek to destroy our democracy from within.
Of course there are moderate Muslims.and I met them in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan-non-Arabs,friends of the US-Israel.It is time for a vocal Islamic moderate voice in the US denounce Jihad.

VP Biden's "condemnation" of Israel was excessively harsh.His words of reassurance to Israel regarding Iran,were just that WORDS with no meaning.
The sanctions without Russia,China,Brazil are too slow and ineffective.
It is obvious that Obama has come to the conclusion that he cannot stop a nuclear Iran,perhaps contain it.

Patrick Kennedy the RI Dem.,was either smoking something funny or cracking up during his scream-athon on the House floor.Luckily for him (and the voters) he is retiring.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ramat Shalom / Lox

The condemnation by VP Biden of the 1600 new homes in Ramat Shalom is typical for the Obama administration.True Eli Yishai could have waited 2 days until Biden leaves to make the announcement,however it emphasizes that Israel is not prepared to divide or surrender sovereignty of Jerusalem-not for Mitchell,Biden or Obama.
In addition, despite the left wing protests at Sheik Jarrah ,the government and the Jerusalem municipality is intent on bringing in more Jews to this area,in which from 1880-1948 was a Jewish neighborhood.
I hope when our shiur visits Israel right after Pesach Motti Dan and Ateret Kohanim will take us to visit these area,so we can express our support.

I received a call this morning from the Rockland Journal News on the new controversy regarding the kashruth of lox.I know little about the topic,other than the OU assures us we can continue eating bagels and lox.
I assume that Monsey as the home of the talking fish,will see some groups boycott lox-as for me tomorrow I will celebrate by making myself lox and eggs.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

HC in the election / Unions

Sen. Mitch McConnell makes a very interesting point.What benefit would accrue to the Dems in the coming election if HC passes?None of the provisions will be in effect for years,however the taxes and reduced Medicare funding will be immediate.And with every Republican candidate making the repeal of the bill the prime issue in the campaign,Dems will not only have to defend their votes, but a lack of jobs under Obama.What with economists talking about a job recovery by 2013-14 that is not a pleasant position to be in to defend the above,while increased deficits are spoken about each day.
Pelosi has no problem asking her team to commit Harri-Kari,after all her seat is safe.However her speakership is not.

When I was a kid,I learned to appreciate unions for their effort on behalf of the working class.Today,the only area of union growth is in the public service arena.These self-serving groups, have helped bring economic downfall fo local, state and federal governments.Salaries are higher than in equal private positions,pensions start at an early age , and in some states like California tenure for teachers begins after 2 years with no examination of abilities.
There are 100,000 government employees that don't pay federal tax,yet the Dems won't allow them to be fired-because of union opposition.
In Michigan an entire faculty in a failing school was fired because the teachers would not cooperate.Who is fighting them-the unions.
Union leaders spend tens of millions on lobbying,and have Obama in their pockets.
The American public will in time rebel againsgt the State legislatures that refuse to protect the public welfare.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Three Great Losses -Rabbis Porush, Besser and Lander

World Jewry suffered the loss of 3 great religious-communal leaders recently.They are Rabbi Munacham Porush, Rabbi Chatzkel Besser and Rabbi Bernard Lander.
While I was not friend of Rabbis Porush or Besser,I was privileged to work with them,as colleagues on behalf of the Jewish people and community.Both were of the Agudah persuasion,however they were people of the world.
Rabbi Porush, a long time member of the Knesset and holder of important positions in government served as a member of the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. This organization not known for its Orthodox leanings,was and is made up of outstanding leaders and intellectuals.Rabbi Porush was an individual who could bridge the divide between all elements of our world,and thereby was able to bring about much financial support for Torah scholarship.He was soft spoken, but sharp and extremely well respected.This was so especially that one would not expect this Aguda leader to partake in such an organization.
I served with Rabbi Besser on the US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.This Commission made up of Presidential appointees,devotes much of its time and effort to restoring cemeteries in Europe.A majority of these during my term were Jewish.
Rabbi Besser had a very special relationship with Ron Lauder,and was to my knowledge his prime advisor in Lauder's wonderful project in building Jewish schools in Eastern Europe.
I was most familiar with Rabbi Lander,in my role at the OU,and for a few month period as Chairman of the Board of his Women's College.
He once asked me to set up an appointment for him with Israeli Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich,currently the President of Tel Aviv University and the author of a new book on the peace process.As soon as I introduced them,I was about to leave the room when "Bernie" asked me to stay for a few moments,as he described his long history in academia,government and community leadership.
I was always amazed at his energy,brilliance and vision.Despite being legally blind from Macular degeneration,he could deliver a sermon or a rousing speech without notes or hesitation.
His Schools,and thousands of students speak for themselves.

They were all gentlemen and scholars,and brought a real KIDDUSH HASHEM into the world based upon their outreach to every human being.
They will be missed.
May their souls be bound up in the eternal

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Goldstone Report / An attack on Orthodox activism

I was preparing my talk for Pesach at the Hudson Valley (nee Granit) on the Goldstone Report when my mind started to wander.
Primarily because I just read the OU Jewish Action article on Pesach at US Army bases,in which I am featured, a number of thought came to me.
Goldstone accused the IDF of wanton irresponsible deliberate attacks on civilians.Yet the record shows that the ratio of civilian to terrorist deaths was 2:3 of the 1387 deaths.
In Pakistan, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Chechnya by the Soviets the ratios and numbers were much higher.In WW II we carpet bombed Dresden, and set off 2 atomic bombs without blinking an eye.Yes we saved Americans, but if Goldstone were investigation,that would be an unacceptable excuse.
My personal recollection of 2 B-52 bombing raids where the earth rumbled for miles away,and surgical instruments fell to the floor,and you were literally thrown out of your bed, as 500 pound bombs without any ability to tell friend from foe, were dropped in a pattern by a few planes from 35,000 feet,creating huge craters where once people,animals,homes rice paddies used to exist.
To continue to pick on Israel,where every effort is always made by the IDF to avoid civilian casualties just speaks to the hypocrisy of the world we live in.

I am grateful to my brother-in-law Kal Hartstein for bringing to my attention a law suit that seeks to disqualify Orthodox American citizens who pay school taxes,from serving on school Boards because they are orthodox.
Evidently they are accused of using their "RELIGIOUS BELIEFS" TO COLOR THEIR DECISIONS.HEY ISN'T THAT WHAT AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT ?Multiculturalism and participatory democracy encourages all citizens to get involved.
A group of orthodox groups have filed briefs in Manhattan Federal Appeals Court in the case involving the Lawrence-York School Districts.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jay Leno /. Mort Zuckerman

We are among those who watched the first 10 minutes of Jay Leno last nite.Sadly we were disappointed,
I have no problems with Bush-Cheney jokes,however the election is over and we are in a new cycle.The word Obama was never mentioned.We found his jokes stale and not up to his cutting edge of years ago.
That will be our last attempt to watch him. Similarly when he moved to his new time,we watched for a few days and were disappointed.

The decision of Harold Ford not to run opens a new opportunity for the Republicans. We await Gov. Pataki to get into the fray.While I know Mort Zuckerman from my days in the President's Conference,I know little of his political views outside of his pro-Israel leadership.
I know him to be extremely bright,not particularly friendly and certainly not a warm or "politician-type" in the mode of Hillary or the vast number of Senators I interacted with during my PAC days. He is a competent and respected individual,with the financial means to follow a Bloomberg style campaign.
Question-Is he a real Republican?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sen. Jim Bunning / Biden as Senate Pres.

Sen. Jim Bunning is not running for re-election.Perhaps this explains his one-man almost heroic effort to force the Senate to come to grips with their hypocrisy.
They pass pay-as-you-go, then want to add 10 billion dollars in added unemployment compensation without finding a funding source.Rather say the old"boys"="Just let's add it to the deficit".
Everyone is mad at Jim,but perhaps they should be mad at themselves on 2 counts.
1-they don't have the courage to emulate him.
2-prolonging unemployment compensation does not in the long run help people to find jobs-it is just the opposite.

So now it seems that VP Biden as President of the Senate can overrule the Senate Parliamentarian on what constitutes proper legislative material to allow a reconciliation to take place.
The Dems are counting on people forgetting their disregard for common sense and the will of the people.
November is just around the corner.