Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Arizona Law / Govt. shutdown / NATO

The Supreme Court decision yesterday,affirming an Arizona law regarding tax credits is very welcome.In essense the law which was upheld, allows tax credits to those who support school scholarship funds,even if the schools are religious institutions.Since the funds are not coming from the State,but from individuals,the Court found there is no issue of seperation of Church-State.

Question -who (which political party)will benefit from a Government shutdown?
The conventional wisdom is that the GOP will be blamed.I am not so sure that the same line of reasoning that allowed Clinton to be re-elected after the last shutdown will apply.
The 2010 election results,together with the dire long term economic picture seemed to portray a public that wants to get our economic house in order.We will not be able to function if we do not bring our rising debt into a level of manageable proportions.Obama and the Dems,did not give us a budget when they had the opportunity. They offer nothing but vague accusations regarding the Tea Party influence.Cong. Ryan is a brave and dynamic leader and while there is much to digest,his 2012 budget plan at least allows room to discuss our main problems.Hopefully we will not allow this opportunity to escape without action.

It looks like a stalemate in Libya.Interestingly the French aircraft are not under NATO.The US is on the sidelines,and the Rebels are getting shmeared.You can always tell when a military force has no disciple,when you see them shooting their weapons into the air,like a bunch of children,and not trained sodiers.