Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bibi in Washington / IRAN / LIBYA

On Dec 16 I blogged that now with the Republicans in control of the House,they should sponsor a Jerusalem Recognition Day.I also called 2 frioends,one a national leader,and one the head of a Pac,close to Cong. Lehntinan suggesting that as we did years ago,an invitation should be sent to Bibi to address a Joint session of Congrtess.Neither felt it was feasible.
Today Speaker Boehner announced he will invite Bibi for a Joint Session.

As more and more becomes known about the role of Iran in subversion in the ME.the less tolerable it is.
The US points a finger at Syria,where Iran is involved.They are supplying new rockets to Hamas.In addition they arer fomenting mayhem in Bahrain.This is is addition to accelerating their nuclear program`

The political blogs report that tomorrow the US-France-UK will publicly push NATO nations to accelerate their help for the Libyan rebels.For us it is all talk.The rebel units are in such bad shape,that neither arms nor training would suffice at this time.